EnvironmentalHigh quality Green-Flor products


Green-Flor® products are constantly tested according to the highest standards in the industry. In addition, all products have been successfully tested in accordance with strict European standards. Each product produced is precisely traceable, even up to the raw materials used thanks to the implemented ISO 9001 system. This ensures that the products are safe as well as guaranteeing a long and carefree use. For domestic use the warranty is for up to 15 years.


The use of high quality raw materials in the production process of Green-Flor® modular resilient flooring ensures no heavy metals or other dangerous components enter the products. All Green-Flor® products are tested and certified to meet all national and international legal requirements. In many cases products exceed significantly European standards. This is confirmed by the REACH certification (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation of Chemicals) of the entire Green-Flor® program.

Green-Flor® are developed in such a way that they are 100% recyclable and during the life-time of the product very easy to maintain preventing the use of chemicals, excessive amounts of water and energy.

We all care about the air we breathe, and any substances released from products and inhaled by you must be safe for your health. Green-Flor® products have been tested for VOC’s (Volatile Organic compounds) via the emissions test ISO 16000. The result is that Green-Flor® products release ˃90% less than the standard of the norm prescribed, thus sitting very well below European health and safety standards. Green-Flor are also certified in France to conform to A+ regulations as well as conforming to the AgBB regulations in Germany.

Traverse Flooring Ltd UK is proud to promote Green Flor’s products. Please see below the logos of key accreditations.

ISO 14001 | ISO 90012 | Indoor Air Quality - A+ Rated. ISO 16000/AFFSET | Reach Compliant | Top Protection Plus | Floor Score | CE