Traverse Flooring UK acts as an authorised distributor of Green-Flor ® products in the UK. For warranty and product guarantee information of Green-Flor’s ® products, please click on the relevant tab on our site where full details are provided.


Our terms and conditions regarding orders are:

For large orders: 50% settlement of the invoice will be required at the time the order is placed with the remaining amount due within 30 days from the date that the products are received. For late payment beyond the specified times there is a charge of 5% per day on the outstanding amount.

For clients who wish to take advantage of our early payment discount, please talk to us at the time the order is placed. We offer discounts on all large orders that are paid for in full on the day the order is placed.

For small orders: 100% payment for products at the time that the order is placed.


We will aim to fully satisfy our clients’ needs by delivering, whenever we can, to the time-scale given by our clients. Should an unexpected problem arise with delivery and we are unable to meet a pre-arranged delivery date we will ensure our clients are made aware straight away.

Our delivery charges are transparent and are fully detailed in our invoices to clients. Delivery charges vary according to the size of order, speed in which the goods are required and the distance of the delivery. On some large orders we are pleased to offer free delivery.

Final Words

At Traverse Flooring UK, we value our customers. We wish to conduct our business in a fair and courteous manner. We appreciate all feedback (good and bad!) and we strive for excellent professional relationships with all clients that are enduring. If we get something wrong, or you feel we have not lived up to expectation, we want you to inform us so we can ensure we offer the very best customer service and experience at all times.